Carbon Case Study

Fabwell have supported the Carbon manufacture & regeneration industry for many years. Carbon is used in a variety of markets such as filtration and electrical components.

Carbon Regeneration

When carbon is produced for filtration at a point in its service life it becomes dirty and needs to be cleaned. This process is called regeneration and when treated with heat is almost 100% recoverable for re-use. Fabwell have been involved in many projects from the relining of multi hearth furnaces to new processes still under development which are protected under NDA.

(Pictured 3 levels of a 7 level multi hearth furnace having a complete refractory reline

Roff off furnace and new refractories being installed

Bespoke brick former design to accurately and safety support hearths during installation

Hearth nearing completion

Hearth relined and rabble arms repaired prior to handover for production

Carbon electrical components

Carbon is a good electrical conductor and with the advance of the Tram networks and other markets such as theme parks we have supported a variety of manufacturers.


Radiused boards are used for wet extruded carbon to ensure an exact radius is gained to follow the tram or roller coaster steelwork which supports the electrical supply


After extruded carbon strips are sufficiently dried they are loaded into saggers for final firing.